Why is it important to know the price of your home in today's market?

If you have been considering selling your home, knowing what it is worth in today's market is crucial. You might ask yourself, "Should I sell my house now?" or "What price should I list my house for?" Get an accurate home valuation and find out.

We want to help you make the most informed decision possible regarding your most significant investment. Our team of experts will provide you with an accurate valuation that considers recent market changes in your local area. So, whether you're thinking of selling in the near future or just curious, be sure to request a free home valuation from us!

Why is it important to know the price of your home in today's market?

How it Works

Getting an updated home estimate on your property is Easy Breezy with Home.

Property Information

Property Information

From the moment you provide us with your property address, we'll get right to work uncovering similar properties in the neighborhood that have been sold through public or private channels.

We will be In Touch

We Will Be in Touch

Our expert team is here to assist you! A specialist will contact you soon to gain more insights about your property and arrange a visit from our knowledgeable local agent.

Receive your Free Report

Receive Your Free Report

Our experienced specialists are excited to meet you and tour the property in order to provide an accurate report tailored just for you.


You Have Options When Selling Your Home

Do you already know your home's value and would like to skip the home valuation process and begin the selling process?

Cash Offer

Should you need to sell fast, we offer you a Cash offer package, which connects you with verified cash buyers willing to pay for your home in as little as 10-days. Other benefits you stand to gain include.

  • Close at a date of your choosing
  • Multiple Offers without multiple showings
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Zero obligation to accept an offer
  • Skip the repairs and updates
  • Fast closing
  • No buyer demands
  • Sell AS-IS
  • Dedicated support team
  • Cash Advance Option
  • Know your price quickly

Listing 4.0

Listing 4.0 is the ideal marketing tool for home sellers looking to make the most of their home sales. With Listing 4.0, sellers can access the following tools to increase their property’s exposure and value.

  • A Bullseye Marketing Strategy
  • 3D Showcase
  • Omnipresence marketing power
  • Dedicated high-conversion website
  • Pre-Sale home inspection & appraisal
  • Mega Open House
  • Advance on home improvement
  • 29-Day sold Guarantee
  • Dedicated team support
  • FREE Home prep services
  • Market performance report
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FAQs for Home Value - Find Answers for Valuing your Home

How do you determine my home’s value?

Our specialized agents at Home Shift use an array of technologies to benchmark your home to others in the neighborhood to get a fair market value. We also factor in cash flows or replacement costs.

Is my home valuation free?

Yes, the Home valuation is free and provides a comprehensive report containing all of the pertinent details about your property.

What variables affect the value of my property?

The value of your property depends on several variables; however, at Home Shift, we consider your land the most critical variable. Your property's value can be determined by land area, location, terrain, condition, and internal components.

Why should I have my home valued?

Having your home valued helps you understand the monetary value of your property. We believe a clear understanding of this value can be crucial in making the right decisions while selling your property.

Will my home sell for less money?

While home valuation gives you an idea of how to price your home based on market conditions, it doesn’t entail you selling your property for less money.
Our services at Home Shift are tailored to ensure that you receive top dollar for your property and are satisfied before you close the sale.